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Top Selling goddess Saraswati Tanjore Painting Online 2021

Top Selling goddess Saraswati Tanjore Painting Online

Saraswati is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. Its is believed that Saraswati grants humans with the powers of speech, intelligence, and learning.Her hands are representations of four aspects of human personality: mind, intelligence, alertness, and ego.

Her hands have four parts that represent the various aspects of human personality. In visual representations, she displays sacred scriptures and a lotus. With her other hand, Goddess Saraswati plays the music on a string instrument known as the veena. She has been dressed in white and is riding on a white swan, which represents purity and discrimination.

The significance of Saraswati to the learned and erudite individuals is evidenced in their belief that the goddess can grant them moksha or wisdom.

About Goddess Saraswati Tanjore Painting

Goddess Saraswati paintings are made using wooden planks and are rich in art and craft. The goddess Saraswati Tanjore is depicted with various shades of colors and semi-precious stones. The Goddess Saraswati Tanjore painting is made from solid gold foil and semi-precious stones. It’s a beautiful addition to any home.

List of Materials needed for an Elegant & Authentic Tanjore Painting

  • Plywood.
  • Canvas.
  • Jaipur Stones – Sizes and shapes as needed.
  • Arabic gum.
  • Chalk Powder for muck preparation.
  • 22 carat Gold foil.
  • Poster Colors.
  • Brush Set.

Top Selling Goddess Saraswati Tanjore Painting Online