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Ethnic Tanjore Arts are quietly working with adoration and dedication. In the era of massive production, it is an attempt to glorify its creative spirit and as well as efficacious in showcasing decorative and elegant pieces that endure forever.

Ethnic Tanjore arts is a significant originator of Tanjore paintings, supplies, and adornments. It is an action that came out with zeal to meet customers straightly with no mediators. After several years of assistance for our customers through our traditional contribution, we have now decided to move on towards online channels with the same amount of quality and assurance. 

Tanjore takes up a privileged position in the history of Indian painting even though its origin started in the 11th century Chola period. Tanjore paintings are still made even at the present date. The outstanding feature of paintings is their 3D attribute. That is, the portrayal has some elevated surface over it. The other exclusive trait is 22-carat real gold foil used in the embossed areas. 

Tanjore paintings are one among the oldest art cultures in the world made as a handicraft from South India. And so, it stands as the best among various artistic handicrafts in the world. The enterprise exhibits the significant beauty, elegance, innovation, art, and talents of the local populace in India. We here have made an immense number of our best assortment of handicrafts for your attention and to assist you in picking the perfect one. 

Ethnic Tanjore Arts is an online eCommerce store that works on a mission of assisting you to get the elite Tanjore paintings at ease from home, all traditional things under one roof. We desire to make your embellishment and gifting needs easier with our most extensive repertoires. 


We follow a simple theory. If any of our items are not fit for our home, then it is not competent to be displayed on our online eCommerce Ethnic Tanjore Arts. Thus, at any point, we on no occasion compromise on the quality of our product.

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Often, we accomplish our work jointly with artisan experts and provision associates to reassure competitive prices. We are focused on being favorable to our customers, and so we are perpetually prompt in response if you have any issue in price or have some discrepancy in any source.


We guarantee our customers positively about their choices before deciding to buy. As well, the item will look like the one you have seen in the pictures and videos. If anything you buy does not reach in the best condition, then we will make a worthwhile solution immediately. So, you can shop with 100% confidence.

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Even if we are online, the expertise that you get from us will be identical to the one that you got from our actual store. We have our team 24/7 to lead, manage, assist, and answer you from every aspect. It makes us isolated in our service. 



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Tanjore has raised this artistic activity from the 11th-century Chola period and furnished us with the priceless cultural treasure. We follow a step by step iterative process that will exhibit originality and superior quality in the network. There are loads of factors that strived in the production of Tanjore arts, such as inserting gold foils, pure quality gemstones, and other materials that add supremacy when viewed.

The most distinctive feature of Tanjore paintings is their 3D property. Another exclusive attribute of the Tanjore painting is its Embossing, which means that the art has sections raised from the surface. The prominent characteristic of representations is that the Embossing is made with gemstones in sketches and real 22-carat gold foil that never discolor.

Often, Tanjore painting’s price may vary based on the inflation, size of the art, and gold price. If you wish to know about our price range, kindly check our website. Our cost includes everything like the size, wooden frames, gold foil, and other materials used.

Ethnic Tanjore Art is the best place to find an exceptional variety of antique tanjore paintings in Chennai made using real 22-carat gold foil with 3D embossing and gemstones. We stand as the most reliable spot for buying 100% genuine handcrafted Tanjore paintings directly from manufacturers.

It is utterly confusing for a person to identify whether the gold foil in the painting with an artistic finish is real or fake. The only thing that you can do is to buy paintings from the reputed seller in the market. Ethnic Tanjore Arts are providing an authentic certificate for the gold foil used in the portrayals.

For your attention, the Ethnic Tanjore Arts store will be the best place to buy a wide range of exceptional quality Antique styled Tanjore paintings in Chennai at the most suitable price.