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Making of Gold Leaf Used in Tanjore Paintings – Ethnic Tanjore Arts


Tanjore paintings and Tanjore artworks are highly established form of traditional identities that holds a commanding space for it in the arena of representing the uniqueness of Indian heritage. A lot of factors contribute towards the creation of tanjore arts and tanjore paintings like gemstones, gold foils and leaves that further beautifies its look and adds a supremacy when viewed by any buyer.

In this blog corner, we will be looking at the process involved in creating the gold foil and gold leaves used to decorate the tanjore paintings that acts as a pure catalyst. We deliver best quality and renowned set of tanjore paintings in Chennai that depicts the uniqueness of rich heritage and the value it holds a narrative way.

How Tanjore Painting Gold Leaves are used?

The gold leaves and gold foils embedded in tanjore paintings are created and quality assessed by well-trained and experienced craftsman who gives 100% involvement to bring out best quality gold leaves for tanjore artworks. The second stage involves alloying process where, the raw gold is melted and mixed with the fluids of copper and silver to bring out the leaf to be embedded in the required format. Based upon the need for color the ratio in mixture gets varied to bring out lighter color using silver and a reddish one using copper fluid with gold.

In the third stage, the mixture is extracted out and cooled down until it reaches the normal temperature and gets reshaped into bars. Further these gold bars are then fed into slow running rollers that flattens the gold bar into a golden strip phase by phase when it runs into the roller while the gap between two rollers gets reduced gradually. We provide premium quality tanjore paintings in Chennai that comes with gold leaf embeddment which reflects the ethnic value of Indian art world. By carrying out continuous processing, the gold foil gets converted into long and thin golden ribbon shape that makes the process easier to insert it into the tanjore paintings.

The fourth stage carries out cutting and weighing process, where the ribbons gets cut-down into small squares and cross-checked whether they were available in proper weight to implement it in a right way into the maintain without any hassle.

The fifth stage involves beating process where, the gold foils are placed in-between black papers and it is ensured to make it spread across the painting.

The sixth stage involves beating process where the mixed layer of black papers and gold ribbons are continusly beatenup until they get thinner and expanded in size simultaneously. This process is repeated five times by replacing the black paper continuously until all the inserted golden ribbons have reached the uniformity in shape to get embedded with tanjore artworks.

To minimize the number of defective particles or to completely eradicate them a refined quality check examination is carried out by trained professionals to ensure the size, height, weight and other physical properties of gold ribbons to make them a perfect fit for tanjore paintings. We deliver best in class tanjore paintings in Chennai, that carries gold leaves at its background which goes through various refining and quality inspection stages before getting embedded. The quality checking process is carried out by placing the gold leaves over a whitepaper then it moves on to the final stage of cutting and packaging where the gold leaves are moved from whitepaper to suede pillow that remodels the shape of the gold leaf according to the painting board to which it gets to be adopted.


This is how the gold leaves are created and finally embedded into the tanjore painting works, the supreme tanjore paintings we cater in Chennai, India comes out with both the copper and silver coated golden leaves according to the nature of art.