Tanjore Paintings

Details Guide on Making Canvas Tanjore Painting

Unlike other painting works, Tanjore paintings are highly unique and traditional that demands dedicated craftsmanship to bring out the originality and demanded quality in the artwork. Creation of the best Tanjore Painting requires a step-by-step iterative process that demands greater dedication. In this blog, we will go through the creating process of Ethnic Tanjore Paintings.

Major Steps involved in Making of Tanjore Paintings

  • Preparing a Dedicated Painting Board
  • Tracing the concerned subject
  • Embedding stones on the painting board
  • Implementing Muck Work
  • Inserting Gold Foil
  • Final Coloring

Required Materials

  • A plywood above 6mm thickness
  • Cotton Cloth (white color)
  • Chalk Powder
  • Fevicol
  • 3” mm Flat brush
  • Sand Paper- Emery Sheet
  • Arabic Gum
  • Jaipur Coloured Gems
  • Gold Foils
  • Poster Colors
  • Black Pen
  • Multi-color Transparent Ink
  • Ruler, Cutter, Pencil, Yellow Carbon paper

Creating Canvas for Tanjore Painting

  • Take a clean cotton cloth which needs to be atleast 1-inch longer than the plywood size.
  • Soften the plywood edges using sand papers.
  • Paste is prepared to place the cotton cloth on the plywood. (water: Fevicol- 4:1)
  • Filter the paste with coffee filter and dip the cotton cloth in it for some time (5 minutes)
  • Lift and rinse the cloth and hold it for a while to drain out the extra paste substances.
  • Spread the cloth across the plywood and paste it gently by covering the edges to centre in a horizontal direction.
  • If there presents extra cloth it is folded on the other side.
  • Now pull out the cloth and dry it on the newspaper for few hours.
  • Meanwhile we need to prepare the second paste now at a different ratio and an extra ingredient ( Chalk Powder: Water: Fevicol – 2:1:1).
  • With the help of clean brush at 2-3” inches now we can apply the second paste over the plywood with the same procedure.
  • Take the paste in the brush and apply it cover the cloth spreaded on the plywood in a vertical position continuously for 10-15 minutes and continue the process until the paste gets sticked with the wood and allow it get it dry later.
  • Take a emery paper now and rub it on the board which gets applied with a paste, the rubbing goes on for a certain amount of time to acquire the desired smooth surface to bring out high-quality Tanjore painting in it.

End Note

The process of creating Tanjore Paintings required 100% commitment to maintain its reputation amongst the users and enrich its quality amongst other kinds of paintings. Tanjore Paintings are our cultural resemblance needs to be safeguarded at any cost. Ethnic tanjore arts deliver premium quality Tanjore paintings in Chennai, which got prepared with dedicated efforts and proven methods.