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Among the several Hindu gods and goddess, Lord Balaji holds a predominant position since he belongs to Kaliyuga (the present yuga) and well connected with people similar to Lord Ayyappa. The worshipping of Lord Balaji doesn’t involve any differentiation amongst people in India, and everyone from up north to down south become spiritually inclined when it comes to worshipping Lord Balaji. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of the fascinating facts about Lord Balaji.

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Amazing Facts About Lord Balaji

The statue of Lord Balaji in Tirupathi temple believed to have own hair and according to Hindu Puranas, it is donated by a Gardhava Princess when Lord Balaji got attacked accidentally by a shepherd and lost few of his hair. When viewed with our naked eyes, the swami’s statue found to be in the middle of the sanctum but it got placed in the right-hand corner of the Garba Gaudi. Buy Lord Balaji Tanjavur Paintings Online in Chennai, that involves the impedment of gold foil and attractive stones that enahnce its visual display. The divine lamp glowing in front of the Lord believed to exist for thousands of years and still, it is glowing brightly without getting extinguished. The spiritual idol of Lord Balaji sweats everyday morning after the Abhishekam, and the sweat gets controlled only after wiping with the silk cloth. The main Balaji idol believed to be alive, and further people say that if we place our ear behind the idol we can still hear the sound of the roaring ocean. We provide a perfect spiritual touch in our Lord Balaji Tanjore Paintings sold Online in Chennai that involves the work from experienced painters. The Tirupati Balaji god is the richest and highly visited god in India, as devotees keep donating their offerings in terms of cash, jewellery, properties and even Demat transfers. Estimates state that per day collection is 22.5 million. The temple resides in the top of the 7th hill and one amongst the hill portrays the exact face of Lord Balaji, which can be witnessed if noticed properly. Lord Balaji gets worshipped with a lot of selective commodities like flowers, milk, butter, and holy leaves which are said to be obtained from a secret village which is 20 km away from the temple. Every day the divine products are bought to the temple, and its exact location is not revealed till date. The secrecy of the village is maintained with sheer confidential and only the residents of that village are allowed to enter into it. Avail the most affordable set of Lord Balaji Thanjavur Paintings Online in Chennai that are delivered at the best price in market.

The level1 set of priests who do all the pooja’s to the main statue of Lord Balaji believes that goddess Lakshmi still lives in the heart of Swami as they can see her facial resemblance once the white wood paste gets removed after the Nija Roopa Darshan every Thursday. The swami’s idol is found to be one of the most strongest worshipping idol in India as it is not even got affected by Green Camphor which is a strongest material that could break done any kind of idol into pieces. Ethnic Tanjore Arts have 100+ years of experience in creating fascinating paintings that depicts religious and non-religious believes and also entice our inner positive aura once it gets exposed to our vision. We have certainly evolved with the industrial changes all these years and still sustain strong with our timely presence of capitivating the current market. Now we have adopted the ecommerce platform to carry forward our business to the next level of trading. You can also avail customised set of Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us which involves dedicated work of expertised artist, painters and craftsmen.