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Lord Ayyappa is one amongst the Hindu god who gets celebrated in different names by his devotees’ people become highly spiritual and dedicated to their devotional practices when it comes to worshipping lord ayyappa. We at Ethnic Tanjore Arts create Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings and sell it online in Chennai that stimulates the spiritual drive among the devotees and keep them fresh-minded and with a pure heart always.

Interesting Facts about Lord Ayyappa

Devotees who intend to visit Sabarimala (pilgrimage where Lord Ayyappa temple located) used to undergo 48 days of strict fasting that includes a saint-like life, post completing this period they visit the temple and finish off their prayers. Women between the age group of 10 to 50 won’t participate in this ritual, and this practice followed since the 15th century. Buy the Best Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, created with the gold foil to give a rich kind of look to the buyers and make them feel worthy of their spending.

Devotees who visit Sabarimala must follow a proper dress code and found to be highly mandatory here they must either wear complete black or blue dress during the entire pilgrimage travel to Sabarimala. They were expected to wear either Vibuthi or Sandal paste in their forehead and not let it go blank. The devotees need to be in this dress code while entering the spiritual place, We deliver high-quality Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that is created with great painting sense and resembles the traditional touch of Tanjore artworks in every part of the painting.

The temple got located in the mid of the forest, and it holds a mythological story backdrop. The temple is the exact place where Lord Ayyappa killed the demon Mahishi (lady) who is buffalo headed and she is the sister of a deadly demon Mahishasura who was killed by goddess Parvathi. Avail the most affordable collection of impressive Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us that are created by experienced and highly expertise artisans and craftsmen who work dedicatedly in this field for several years. Ethnic Tanjore Arts are blessed with those artisans who can create impressive painting works.

Many of us have wondered why the main entrance to Lord Ayyappa’s place in Sabarimala has 18 steps, and it has a logical reason behind it. The temple gets surrounded by 18 mountains, and it denotes that a devotee needs to go through all these 18 mountains to get the eternal darshan of Lord Ayyappa. Get your customized Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from Ethnic Tanjore Arts who delivers it to you at the right time with the help of our strong network of logistic partners.

The temple of Sabarimala is a place of religious diversity and the one who visits it can find a mosque in the mountain foundation this is the mosque of an Islamic saint Vavar who is the close friend of Lord Ayyappa and that’s the reason people have constructed a separate mask for him in the pilgrimage. Devotees who visit the temple must visit this mosque too.