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Buy Dasavatharam Tanjore Painting Online


The entire Hindu religion and the mythological stories surrounding it has never failed to fascinate us, apart from delivering engaging stories, it has also helped us to lead our life in the right path, and the contribution of every deity is immense in it. Amongst all the gods and goddesses the Dasavathar took by Lord Vishnu is very famous and its stories last long for several billion years from now.The philosophy, the guidance, and the divine effect they produced are so intense, and the one who has gone through it will lead a soul-satisfying life for sure. We at EthnicTanjoreArts depict these invaluable Dasavathar of Lord Vishnu in an admirable art form can be placed in your residence or commercial place that give a spiritually inclined environment and gives you never distractable focus on your work.


Interesting Facts on Dasavatharam

Matsya Avatar

Among the ten avatars of lord vishnu, Matsya Avatar is the first one where lord Vishnu took the form of half-human and half-fish like structure to save the entire Earth from destruction. It was during this avatar, a demon called Hayagriva with horse face stolen all the Vedas from Lord Brahma and hide under the ocean. Hence to bring back the Vedas to normal form and save the world lord Vishnu took the Matsya avatar. We sell the best Dasavatharam Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that gives the perfect portrayal of Matsya Avatar in a customised way you like.

Kurma Avatar

Kurma Avatar is the second avatar took by lord vishnu again to save this world from a deadly cosmic mishap. During this avatar, a great battle blasted between Devas and Asuras to decide the superior power, and hence who acquires the Elixir (Amrutham) will be the eternal power.

Lord Mahavishnu took the form of a tortoise and laid as a foundation, where the serpent king Vasuki is used as a rope to derive Elixir from the mountain Mantara. This particular mountain found to provide both poison and elixir and possessing the desired one (Amruth) depends on the intelligence of either side. Hence it is also said that Lord Vishnu also took the form of Mohini and diverted the whole clan of asuras to make sure that the devas get the elixir and attain victory.

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Varaha Avatar

The story of Varaha avatar started when the two loyal gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu got cursed by the four sons of Lord Brahma, and as a result, they born as asuras namely Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakshyapu in the earth. Amongst these two Hiranyaksha became a sincere devotee of Lord Brahma and worshipped the Lord and performed various life-threatening and tough meditations to please Brahma.

Finally, Lord Brahma gave him the boon of an almost immortality that he won’t be killed by gods, demons, humans and animals. Hiranyaksha took advantage of this boon and torcher everyone in the earth. He went to the peak at a certain stage by kidnapping goddess Bodevi and went under the ocean, hence lord Vishnu took the form of boar-faced human and rescued Bodevi by killing Hiranyaksha.

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