About us

Ethnic Tanjore arts was created with a vision of aiding and promoting the interests hundreds of artists who are confined to practicing their craft from their homes and rural regions.

Its founder, Mr. R.  Prasanna Venkatesh,  (Tamil Nadu State Award Winner Tanjore Paintings 2019-2020)was born in Chennai. He had a Passion to Tanjore arts from a young age.  R. Ramanujaiah his great grandfather establish R. Ramanujaiah & Son in the year 1901, (118 Years old). Recognizing the hundreds of artisans are suffering due to lack of recognition and market access, he found the “Ethnic Tanjore Arts” with the aim of providing financial succour and a helping hand to his artisans. 

Ethnic Tanjore arts now is a leading manufacturer of Tanjore Paintings, materials and accessories. It is an initiative to reach the customers directly without any middlemen or agents.  After serving our customers for years through our traditional offerings, we now bring the same assurance of quality and service to our Online Channel  https://www.ethnictanjorearts.com

Tanjore paintings are amongst the oldest traditions in the world and it is no secret that handicrafts works from south India are the best among the arts and crafts there is in the world. The industry reflects the dignity, beauty, creativity, culture and skills of local population and hence the country, that is India. We make it possible for you to view many of our finest collections of handicrafts and help you choose the right ones.

www.ethnictanjorearts.com is an online ecommerce site whose objective is to help you get the best of Best Thanjavur Paintings from the comfort at your home, all items in a traditional shop. We make it possible for you to view many of our finest collections and help you choose the right items for your home decoration and gifting needs.

Our Properiter has Won Tamil Nadu State Award for the Tanjore Paintings for the year 2019-2020 for Tamilnadu Chief Minister state Award 2019-2020