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About Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting

Lord Murugan, also referred to as Kanda, Kumara, Kathirvela, Kartikeya, Velavan, Subramanya, Shanmukan, etc., whose history has different versions. Lord Murugan has six holy places named Arupadaiveedu. The six places where Karthikeya inhabited while directing his troops facing Surapadman are Tiruttanikai, Palani, Pazhamudirsolai, Tirupparamkunram, Swamimalai, and Tiruchendur. He is one of the major lords honored highly in South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Mauritius.

He is envisaged as radiating young beauty and is one of the most impressively good looking and charming gods. Despite that, he is a profoundly embellished and powerful God with loads of supreme qualities. He is perfectly exemplified, notably courageous and smart, and extremely expert in martial arts.

It is well-known that Lord Murugan arises from the six flashes that originated from the third eye of Lord Shiva. People believe that he cures his devotees of curses that follow across generations, such as Naga and Pitru Dosha. There are six dwellings for Lord Murugan, and Tiruchendur lies in the seashore. So order our high-quality Tiruchendur Murugan Tanjore painting at the best price and experience the serenity from our artwork.

So, buy our other Lord Murugan Tanjore paintings to furnish your home with enjoyment, success, miracles, and no health-related issues. It is damn sure, our Lord Murugan paintings online at Ethnic Tanjore Arts acts as the best option for home decoration and gifts for your loved ones.|
Materials Used for Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting: 

  • Original 22 Carat Gold Foils.
  • Chettinad Teak Wood
  • Shiny Paints
  • Ordinal Jaipur Precious Gemstone
  • Cloth
  • chalk powder

Frame Used for Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting:  

Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting frames are done with the prominent Chettinad teak wood, which is remarkably long-lasting and strong. The frame’s base is water-resistant, and solid acrylic glass is used for framing the painting.

Where We can Use Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting:

Home Walls, Pooja Rooms, Office Interiors, Reception Halls, Reception, Shopping Showrooms, Study Room and More.

Grab this beautiful painting home and office and discover its uniqueness!