Gold foil

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Gold foil
22ct goil foil 4x3

Buy Tanjore Paintings Materials

We are have very fine quality of Tanjore Paintings Raw Materials :

Tanjore Painitng Stones
Tanjore Painitng Gold Foil  
​Tanjore Painitngs Arabic gum
​Tanjore Paintings Muck Boards
​Tanjore paintings Stone Remover
​Tanjore painitngs Frames

​Tanjore stone :

Jaipur tanjore Stone come on different size, colour and shapes.

Tanjore Painitngs 22Kt Gold Foil :

​Tanjore painitngs are made on gold foil. we have a Goil foil book containing 25 leaf mesauring 4"X3"

​Tanjore Paintings Muck Boards :​

We have two types of Tanjore Painitngs Boards

1. Plain board 
2. Semi Finished Board

​Tanjore frames:

​Tanjore paintings frames come in different modals

1. Mani Frame
2. Chattinadu Frame

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