Tanjore Paintings

Top Selling Tanjore Painting Online 2021

Top Selling Tanjore Painting

Thanjavur painting is a traditional South Indian painting type, which was introduced from the town of Tanjore. The habits of the Tanjore paintings are their|splendid colour structures, decorative ornament} with jewels and trimmed glasses and amazing gold leaf work. The liberal use of gold leaf and precious stones have} a remarkable visual treat.

A tanjore Painting was normally created on a canvas pasted across a plank of wood with Arabic gum. The work of art was then evenly layered with a paste of French chalk or powdered marble and a binding medium and dried.

The thick material content, surface richness and brilliant colors of Indian tanjore paintings different them from the other artworks. Then, there are decorations of semi-precious jewels, pearls and glass pieces that additionally add to their appeal.

Top Selling Tanjore Painting Online

Balaji Tanjore Painting

Lord Venkateshwara is also named as Balaji and Srinivasa and is a form of the Hindu god. Such is his stature as the powerful who grants wishes of his devotees.

Balaji Tanjore Paintings bring a sense Of Style With Their Attractive Illustrations Of Puranic Clips. This tradition Art Form Its Origin To Tanjore, Capital Of The Former Chola Empire And Is Well known Among Modern-day Indian Women For Presenting Their Artistic Inclination And Tastes.

Balaji Tanjore Painting

Ganesh Tanjore Painting

Ganesh, also known as Ganapati, elephant-headed of beginnings, who is historically worshipped before any major organisation and is the client of intellectuals, financiers, scribes, and authors. Ganesha possesses the  physical characteristics of the Hindu gods.

This Tanjore Painting is a typical illustration of Lord Ganesh sitting on this throne with Yali on top. Rich art work on the arch and throne adds attraction to the ganesh tanjore painting

Ganesh Tanjore Painting

Saraswathi Tanjore Painting

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of skills, music, artwork, speech, and learning. She is the wife of Brahma, the creator. The divine form of Goddess Saraswati wearing a white saree , seated on a white lotus and lifting a Veena, book and a rosary is peaceful and awesomely inspiring.

This handcrafted saraswati tanjore painting is 100% handmade made with synthetic wood and original 22 carat gold foil material by skilled artisans in tanjore. Wonderful Gift for any auspicious celebration.

Saraswati Tanjore Painting

Lakshmi Tanjore Painting

Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of the god Vishnu. She is one of the well known goddesses of Hindu culture and is referred to as the goddess of wealth, purity, fortune, power, beauty and prosperity. Lakshmi is honored as a principle sense of the Mother goddess.Flowers have their own excellence} in Indian religious tradition.

Lakshmi Tanjore paintings are rich, flat and stunning colors, iconic composition, glowing gold foils on but extensive gesso work and enhancement of glass beads. The paintings are finished by expert craftsman who give great thought to precision and attention to detail

Lakshmi Tanjore Painting

Murugan Tanjore Painting

Murugan is called as Tamil God, son of the goddess Korravai. His most desired weapon was the vel, and his caption carried the emblem of a wild fowl.

Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting is Classic} hand crafted tanjore art from South India. Made with 22 Carat Gold Foil with Chettinadu Wood Frame with Wall Fitting.

Murugan Tanjore Painting