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Top Selling Lord Vishnu Tanjore Painting Online 2021

Top Selling Lord Vishnu Tanjore Paintings Online

Among the many gods and goddesses in Hindu religion, Lord Vishnu is considered as the most powerful. He is worshipped as the salvation god who protected the world from evil. He is associated with the Sun and is especially fond of light. Early texts do not list him as a leading deity, but later texts would add him to the list.

The body of Vishnu is represented with a human appearance that is usually characterized by blue-colored skin and four arms. Two of his incarnations, Krishna and Rama, are also depicted in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Lord Vishnu has four arms in all the tanjore paintings and pictures that he has shown us. The logic behind this concept is that these four arms represent his divine or spiritual existence.

Lord Vishnu was found in Anantha, an immortal snake, and he was wearing two different earnings. The earnings symbolize the different stages of our life(happiness-sad, knowledge- ignorance, and pleasure-pain).

List of Materials needed for an Elegant & Authentic Lord Vishni Tanjore Paintings

  • Chettinad Plywood.
  • Canvas.
  • Jaipur Semi Precious Stones & Gemstones
  • Arabic gum.
  • Chalk Powder for muck preparation.
  • 22 carat Gold foil leaves.
  • Poster Colors.
  • Brush Set.

Top Selling Lord Vishnu Tanjore Paintings Online

Ethnic Tanjore Arts is a group of artists and craftsmen who specialize in creating art-centric religious and nonreligious paintings. The vision of Mr. Ramanujaiah, who was the founder of the company, was to sustain the culture and the traditions of our country through making splendid Tanjore art.