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Top Selling Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Painting Online 2021

Top Selling Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Painting Online 2021

Lord Ayyappa is a Hindu god who is highly revered by his devotees. They refer to him as Lord Ayyappa, Sabarimalai Vasan, Sastavu, Hariharasudhan, Dharma Shasta and Manikandan. Devotees who intend to visit the Ayyappa temple in Kerala usually go through a strict fasting period of 48 days. During this period, they are required to fast for a saint-like life.

Sabarimala pilgrims are required to follow a dress code while they are at the temple. It is said that they should wear a black or blue dress while they are at the temple. They should also not allow their forehead to be blank. The main entrance of Lord Ayyappa’s Sabarimala shrine has 18 steps, and it denotes that a devotee has to go through all the 18 mountains to get the ultimate darshan of the Lord.

About Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore painting is a type of art form that is widely admired in South India. Believed to bring luck to home and are valuable antiques. Lord Ayappa Tanjore paintings are characterized by rich, flat, and vivid colors. They are also known to feature stacked gold foils and various pieces of jewelry. This painting technique is done with extreme creativity and is finished with the most innovativeness.

List of Materials needed for an Elegant & Authentic Lord Ayyapp Tanjore Painting

  • Chettinad Plywood.
  • Canvas.
  • Jaipur Semi Precious Stones & Gemstones
  • Arabic gum.
  • Chalk Powder for muck preparation.
  • 22 carat Gold foil leaves.
  • Poster Colors.
  • Brush Set.

Top Selling Lord Ayyappa Tanjore Painting Online

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