Tanjore Paintings

Process of Making Tanjore Glass Painting – Ethnic Tanjore Arts


Tanjore paintings are also sculpted in glasses in the similar fashion of “reverse glass paintings” and it is another unique and innovative approach of exhibiting Tanjore artwork to feast buyers taste and showcase them the richness of traditional artworks. Rather focusing on a particular religious elements or gods, Tanjore paintings brings in a perfect equilibrium by framing paintings and artworks of different cultures and different traditional practices. Buy best quality tanjore paintings materials online in chennai from us that comes up with impressive and suitable design that blends with glass material.

This reflects in creation of different themes of Tanjore paintings like:

  • Mughal Paintings
  • Animal Paintings
  • Bird Paintings
  • Village Paintings
  • Indian Epic Paintings
  • Religious Paintings

Materials Required

  • Glass Paints
  • Outliners
  • Oil Paints
  • Gold Dust
  • Aluminium Foil

Step by Step Process of Creating Tanjore Glass Paintings

  • Choose a design that needs to be brought in to the glass, kindly ensure whether the design choosen is suitable for glass painting and it will attract the buyer.
  • Now the design for Tanjore glass painting gets framed and it needs to be placed in the surface of the selected glass material in a perfect way.
  • Take a solid tape and paste it around the corners of the design and mark the corners using glass outliners to bring the desired output successfully.
  • Order the best collections of Tanjore Paintings materials Online in Chennai which comes out with perfect cut and splendid glass outline.
  • Usage of stones is involved in the third step, where usually we prefer multiple varieties of stones when it comes to normal painting embedment, whereas incase of glass paintings it is highly advised to use only green and red coloured gemstones as it suits the painting work and also the surface of the glass.
  • Now mix the goldust with available medium and apply them in the background of the jewels to bring out the expected colour that suits glass painting work.
  • Buy premium quality Tanjore Glass Paintings Online in Chennai that are framed with utmost dedication and 100% commitment.
  • Now the oil painting can be applied over the glass where it takes hours to get dried and affixed on the glass surface, meanwhile the outline structure for painting can be drawn over the glass surface to complete the artwork in time.
  • Once the oil paint gets dried up, the design for painting is fixed over the glass surface that brings out the final Tanjore Glass Painting model.

Ethnic Tanjore arts cater the best quality of Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, which are created using a structured and successful procedure to get pleasant and influencing look to impress the buyers.