Tanjore Paintings

Kundan Jewellery : Elegant Element used in Tanjore Paintings

The Tanjore paintings and Tanjore artworks attained its elite status by not just exhibiting unique creation when crafted it also included certain traditional, and prestigious elements in its crown to attain its status and one such element is “Kundan”.In this blog corner, we will be looking about the Kundan and its different styles used in magnifying the beauty of Tanjore Painting.

About Kundan

  • The Kundan have a rich traditional background, and they got used as ornamental wearables by royal court people of Rajasthan and Gujarat from ancient days.
  • The Kundan have surpassed various myths and misconceptions and standing tall and firm due to its uniqueness, it got glass pieces embedded with it to the gold to bring out the real masterpiece.
  • The Kundan are an unmatchable piece of fine art that further beautifies a jewel and highly adored by the wearers. By knowing the original value of Kundan gemstones, our artisans used it in Tanjore Paintings to justify the glory of both supremely unique elements together.
  • We deliver high-quality Tanjore Paintings in Chennai that got embedded with adorable Kundan.

Price of Kundan

The price of Kundan highly varies and purely depends upon the work it involves, e.g. Kundan that impend glasswork found to be at a cheaper rate in the market when compared with its combination of gemstones like emerald, ruby and sapphire. Encapsulation of a particular variety of Kundan in the Tanjore Paintings or Tanjore arts highly based on its nature and depending upon the embedding of glass stone or gemstones like ruby or sapphire the cost of Tanjore Paintings might highly fluctuate.

Kundan in Fabrics

  • The inclusion of Kundan gives high brand value to the fabrics when it gets embedded with traditional clothing especially Kundan embroidery is a perfect combination of Zardozi and Kundan, that magnifies the eliteness of the garment.
  • The inclusion of Kundan combined with a glass stone or gemstone can be inserted in clothing where the painting work or artwork is made. Again the inclusion of Kundan material and a particular stone purely based on artwork that comes out the material.