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Fascinating Facts About Shirdi And Sai Baba

About Shirdi Sai Baba

Lord Shirdi Sai baba is one amongst the few gurus in Hindu religion who got worshipped as a god in the list of Lord Ragavendhra and Lord Adi Shankara. Lord Sai baba is the only worshipped saint who gave equal importance to both Hindu and Islamic religion in his lifetime and preached the theory of oneness amongst his followers.

Due to his widespread popularity and divine belief, Lord Saibaba has devotees across the world that led to the construction of 2000+ temples. The temple at Shirdi is the second richest temple in India next to Balaji temple in Tirupathi. Buy best quality Lord Shirdi Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that stimulates your inner spiritual force. Shirdi Sai Baba doesn’t have an actual name and people in Shirdi used to call him as “Fakir” in his initial days. Sai Baba used to preach divine philosophies in his teenage to various people using religious books. Sai Baba always used to help people who are in trouble with his kind and powerful words and their sorrows used to vanish as per his sayings this is still considered to be a miracle by his devotees and magic tricks by his haters. We provide asethetic Lord Shirdi Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that ranges in different price category according to its making and dimension according to your affordability.

Sai Baba always used to sing about Lord Rama and Shiva in Mosques and chant the prayers of Allah in temples he purposefully used to do it to strengthen and maintain the unity of people between two religions. Even though people were unsure about the early days of Sai Baba, still there was a theory that he was born in a Brahmin family and brought up by a person called “Fakir”. Sai Baba always insisted on his disciples and devotees to believe in self-realization and not to be dependent on any other materialistic things in this world. Shirdi Sai baba always believed to maintain eternal peace, and he preached that leading peaceful life is highly important as compared with leading a successful life. Avail the premium quality Lord Shirdi Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that drives in high level of inner peace and calm down your soul.

How we prepare Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings?

Preparing Dedicated Painting Board

Depending upon the size of the Tanjore art, the dimension of the wooden frame will be finalised and placed accordingly. We have a well-trained and experienced team of craftsmen who are renowned experts in creating the most precised and accurate painting board to bring out the exact design and eliteness in the artwork. The speculative structure of the painting you see involves deep-rooted craft worker in bringing out the exact design that matches with the art being presented. Buy the best Sai Baba Paintings Online in Chennai from us that holds a perfectly crafted board at its backend.

Tracing the desired pattern

Now comes the key task to be accomplished in the creation of a Tanjore painting, the trace of the exact subject needed is made by not missing a single point of accuracy to bring out the expected quality in the end product or painting. Our century-long experience gets exhibited in the trace we frame for the fine art, and it is carried out within a short time frame to ensure that the delivery process is not affected at any cost. Get high-quality Sai baba Tanjore Paintings online from us that involves 100% accurate trace marking and framing activity to maintain superior quality in the end product.

Pasting Stones on Painting Board

To glorify the artwork of Tanjore Paintings and convert it into a more impressive one, we deploy hand-picked and premium quality stones that add true value to the painting. These stones added right before the process of initiating the painting work and exactly after the completion of pattern designing work. We create an exclusive miniature strategy in the placement of these stones to spot out earlier the right positions to place them. We also include the colour factor of these stones and make sure they do complete justification in their placement on its spot. Buy the premium range of Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that includes well-placed and attractive stones in it.

Implementing Muck Work

The muck is a form of a paste that helps to create an embossed effect in any Tanjore Paintings, and the muck work gets pasted over the woodwork to create a better painting and found to get displayed before integrating the gold foil. The basic ingredients of the muck powder are Arabic gum and chalk powder, these two raw materials are mixed and processed exactly a few days back before initiating the painting process. The muck powder we create will have 3-5 portions of chalk powder and 1 portion of Arabic gum to bring out the required end product. We provide elegant Sai baba Tanjore Painting Online in Chennai with properly integrated muck work.

Inserting Gold Foil

The embedment of gold foil denotes the preparation to the outer region of the Tanjore art, which builds high credibility, and a major pulling factor for customers when it comes to purchasing.

Our Tanjore Painting experts have deep-rooted experience and efficiency in creating the best set of gold foil or the gold leaf that gives the proper and measured set of glittering to the buyer that creates a favourable impression and tends them to buy and not makes them hesitate at any point during the process of purchase. Buy the pure quality Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from Ethnic Tanjore arts that has well framed gold foil integrated with the painting.

Final Coloring

The final stage of making any Tanjore Painting where the colouring for the artwork given, our profoundness sheerly exhibits here where we implement innovative and suitable colours at the same time for the artwork that makes it highly appealing for the buyers and induces them to buy the artwork. Get the highly affordable Sai Baba Tanjore Paintings in Online, Chennai from Ethnic TanjoreArts that involves supreme painting work.