Difference Between Tanjore Painting and Mysore Painting

Both Tanjore and Mysore paintings are unique in their own and possess a high rate of individuality right from making to finishing, these artworks have certainly earned a valuable group of audience who love to buy these paintings and highly adore their ethnic value. Both the Mysore and Tanjore paintings have highly contributed to the upliftment of our culture in the field of artwork and painting work.

These two painting categories have their origin and rich cultural background. Here in this article, we will be looking at the core difference between Tanjore and Mysore paintings, which are the most eminent kind of artworks and crowned to hold high supremacy in the arena of Indian artwork. Buy the best Tanjore paintings online in Chennai from us that exhibits rich traditional values and justify the artwork implemented on it.

Tanjore Paintings

Creation of Tanjore painting involves various stages, first it requires a structured layout formation followed by creating a precised and unique sketching according to the demand of the painting to be embedded and then it involves adding ornament stones, where there exist different kinds of ornament or gemstone which need to be handpicked according to the nature of the painting and it must suit with the painting work in terms of physical appearance. Finally, the gold foil is added over the painting work to enrich its eliteness and to showcase its uniqueness.

Mysore Paintings

Similar to Tanjore paintings, Mysore paintings also involves several steps in its making process where initially it starts with framing the sketch for the final artwork by the artist on the base, where the base contains a cartridge paper pasted on a wooden base. Then a mixture of zinc oxide and Arabic gum is used to create a special paste called “gesso paste” which used around the painting to give an elevated effect. Then the gold foil is pasted over it followed by using of watercolours in its completion process.

Difference between Mysore and Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore PaintingMysore Painting
Painting crafted on a cloth and mounted over a woodPainting is crafted on a paper and mounted over wood or canvas
The paste of raw lime and tamarind seed is used for “Gesso Effect”Paste of white lead and Makhi Gaboge is used for creating the Golden tint (Gesso Effect)
Gesso is applied to high reliefGesso is applied to a low relief
Mixture of gold and silver wafers are usedOnly gold wafer were used
Lot of supporting elements like pearls, glasses and amber is used for embellishmentWatercolours are the primary source of element used in enhancing the embellishment

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