Tanjore Paintings

Detailed Analysis on Tanjore Art Painting and Pattern Framing


Similar to other artworks, Tanjore Paintings got originated based on a particular religion and it obviously would exhibit the form of certain gods and goddesses who belongs to the religion to which they got originated. If you see the origination of any kind of artwork in India, it would have got flourished on a riverbank and similar to that was the origination of Tanjore Paintings that got highly evolved in the belt of Cauvery river between Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore. Even though the contribution towards the establishment of Tanjore Paintings was provided by several ruling dynasties, the soil of Tanjore and its respective ruling dynasty for centuries.

Tanjore Paintings has great influence across the nation, and it includes the dedicated work of artworkers and painters from different regions like Mysore, Andhra, Bijapur and Gujarat. There is also a vice-versa experience occurred for Tanjore Paintings as it has highly influenced the minds of Chinese and even some Western painters. We deliver the best quality Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that are framed with utmost concentration and fine craftsmanship.

Impending Catalystic Substance

Starting from choosing the seasoned picked planks to inserting the perfectly matched gemstone variety, there are several numbers of equivalently important subsidiaries that can boost the image of Tanjore Paintings. The stone powder obtained from the domestic market and the lime powder are found to be the base in creating the plank for sketching the Tanjore Paintings. Hand-drawn figures attain its perfection purely based on the utilization of the proper mix of these powders in the plank. Followed by, the precious and semi-precious gemstones are used with the glass materials to add the glittering effect to the painting. Finally, gold-coloured or gold foiled leaves are used along with the silver lining to ensure high longevity for the painting work. We deliver online supreme quality Tanjore Paintings in Chennai that meets and delivers all the required factors of our clients.

Board Preparation for Tanjore Paintings

The thickness of the board highly depends upon the dimension of painting and it is always said to be advisable to use an 8mm thin board for the painting to avoid over flexibility. We need to use a bit of unbleached artefact that must be at least 1 inch thicker than the painting board.

  • Prepare a mixture of water and white glue at a ratio of 4:1
  • Impress the fabric into the mixture and then squeeze it out to extract out the extra glue.
  • To avoid wrinkles in the artefact, stretch across the board and its perimeter by covering as much as the distance
  • Now the chalk powder, glue and water need to be mixed at the perfect ratio of 2:1:1.5 before initiating the painting work and the primary quote is made with it.