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Hinduism is a religion with several deep-rooted beliefs and tradition, and its origination would take us back to millions of years. Spirituality is an undetachable element, that drives any religion, and it firmly suits for Hindu religion too.

Hinduism is known for holding several gods and goddesses with it with their uniqueness, and here we will be looking at the first superhero of the planet and a multitalented god none other than “Lord Hanuman”. More than being a god lord hanuman is highly adored and loved by people of different age groups next Lord Krishna in the entire nation, here we will be looking at some of the fascinating stories about Lord Hanuman. We at EthnicTanjore Arts provide the best-in-class Lord Hanuman Tanjore Paintings available Online in Chennai, got crafted with real artistic values.

Hanuman- Sugriva Friendship

We all know that Lord Hanuman and Sugriva are thick friends but have you ever wondered how this friendship got originated? When Lord Hanuman was learning all the required knowledge from his Guru Lord Surya deva he completed the entire task within 60 hours became an expert, this really surprised Lord Surya deva and he in return told hanuman that he doesn’t require any Guru Dakshina but due to peak of devotion towards his guru, lord hanuman keep insisted him to get something as his Dakshina and finally lord Surya deva accepted the offer and told hanuman to be the friend of Sugriva and stand aside him in all walks of life. So Hanuman instantly agreed to his Guru’s order and followed the same.

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Pachamuki Hanuman

Panchamukhi form is a well-established one of lord Hanuman, and its origination story will be quiet interesting. During the war with Ravana, both Lord Rama and Lakshmana got kidnapped by the demon Ahiravan, and he imprisoned them in Pathal Lokh. By having a sheer determination to release Rama and his brother Lord Hanuman took the Panchamukhi avatar especially to find them in the pitch darkness and kill Ahiravan as well.

Hanuman setting out Lord Shani

Lord Shani is the one who used to give tough times in one’s life, and even he got arrested and imprisoned by Ravana, that was his power and when lord hanuman arrived in Lanka in search of mother Sita, the news arrived at Ravana’s ears and he ordered his soldiers to set fire on hanuman’s tail, in return hanuman burnt majority of Lanka by not disturning the region where Sita was placed. Meanwhile, Lord Hanuman also found Lord Shani got caught by Ravana and freed him. By recognizing the timely help of hanuman Lord Shani offered a boon that “whoever enchants the name of Hanuman with pure devotion they would not get affected by the effects of Lord Shanni in their lifetime.

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Promise to Lord Rama

When Lord Rama finalized to leave this Earth, he asked for a promise from Hanuman that whoever chants Rama’s name in the time of danger must be saved by Hanuman by any means. This is how Lord hanuman attained the Chiranjeevi position and still believed to be protecting us in this earth.

Cursed Child Hanuman

Even though Hanuman is highly adored and loved by everyone, he is also cursed by a sage, Lord Hanuman used to be a notorious boy in his childhood and he mistakenly disturbed a sage who got involved in deep meditation. The sage got angry with the disturbance and cursed Hanuman that he would forget all his powers despite the greatness, then after several apologize for the sage suggested a remedy that Hanuman will be reminded about his special powers only by another person that too in a difficult situation, this is how Jambavaan reminded about Hanuman’s magical tricks during the war with Ravana.

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Fight with Lord Rama

Sage Vishwamithra once ordered Lord Rama to kill Yayathi and Yayathi went onto the shelter of Hanuman for protection, and according to his mother’s words, hanuman promised yayathi to protect him. During the war hanuman doesn’t fight with lord Rama instead he started chanting his name and that became the shield for hanuman against Rama’s fierce bows. Seeing the peak of hanuman’s devotion sage Vishwamithra was moved on and freed yayathi from Rama.

And Again

Guru Naradha was very much jealous of the love between Lord Rama and his devotee Hanuman and he played a trick to completely separate them. So he brainstormed Hanuman to not to allow sage Vishwamithra into the courtyard, this trigged lord Rama which led to the capital punishment for Hanuman. But again Lord Rama’s name became the shield for hanuman and protected against the most powerful Brahmasthra. Guru Naradha realized his mistake then and admitted the same.

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Hidden Message

When Lord Rama decided that it’s time to leave the earth and reach Vaikuntha he decided to teach a lesson to Hanuman about he relieve, and he created a drama such that he told Hanuman that he has lost his ring that went far underneath to a different world, and when Hanuman went in search of it, he can find millions of similar rings and then he realized the message of Lord Rama later.

Hanuman had a son

If you think this is the surprise then you are wrong, you need to read the next and final one. Yes, Lord Hanuman had a child named Makardhwaja, after burning Lanka with his tail, Hanuman took bath in the nearby sea and during this time a fish swallowed his sweat and then gave birth to a boy.

Hanuman’s Ramayana

It’s true! Lord Hanuman himself created his version of Ramayan, which is supremely poetic and far engaging than that of Valmiki’s Ramayana. But to uplift, Valmiki Hanuman didn’t finish it, and it is believed that Hanuman sculpted Ramayana in the rocks of Himalayas. 

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