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Buy Tanjore Ashtalakshmi Paintings Online


We all know the fact that goddess lakshmi is one amongst the three primary Hindu Goddess who is known to provide required wealth to the desired human, similar to goddess saraswathi providing education and goddess parvathi providing courage and bravery. But wealth is a generic term and it depends what kind of wealth does a person require at a time, say one might require the wealth of skills or one might require the wealth of getting or providing enough food, it obviously varies according to their profession and lifestyle, here we will be looking at ashtalakshmis’ (8 lakshmi goddess who are responsible of providing several wealth factors).

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Describing 8 Forms of Goddess Lakshmi

1. Aadhi Lakshmi

Also known as “Maha Lakshmi” is found to be the primary form of Goddess lakshmi amongst the other eight, she is the exact resemblance of Lord Vishnu and she is found in Sri Vaikundu alongside Lord Vishnu, the eternal duty of Lord vishnu is to save the innocent people and living things in the earth and since being the primary of form of Goddess Lakshmi, Aadhi-lakshmi takes part in Vishnu’s job and assits in saving this universe.

2. Dhana Lakshmi

“Dhana” means “wealth”, where worshipping this form of lakshmi would bring in desired wealth and money into ones life. Dhana lakshmi can also be worshipped to attain inner strenght, will power, talent, and character. Buy high-quality ashtalakshmi thanjavur paintings online in Chennai from us to bring in desired wealth and prosperity in your life.

3. Dhanya Lakshmi

Dhanya means “Food or Grains” and if one requires to lead their life without starvation towards food or if the person is involved in agriculture and wishes to yield profitably then they can also worship dhanya lakshmi. Moreover one can also worship dhanya lakshmi to attain better health and a proper brain to choose the right food in their life.

4. Gaja Lakshmi

“Gaja” means “Elephant” and the story revolves behind the rise of gaja lakshmi is quite interesting. Gaja lakshmi is believed to be the dughter of oceans and she once even saved the wealth of lord indra by rescuing them getting lost into the depth of ocean. Hence gaja lakshmi is worshipped as the saviour of wealth, and the one brings prosperity and royalty. Buy the most adorable set of ashtalakshmi tanjore paintings online in Chennai to bring back your lost wealth and fame.

5. Santana Lakshmi

“The goddess of progeny” and the one who gives the boon of healthy, brilliant and disciplined child for anyone who worships her whole heartedly. This form of Goddess lakshmi is believed to bless long-living healthier life for humans. The god is depicted with weapons and also a baby in one of her six arms.

6. Veera Lakshmi

As the name suggests this goddess is known to provide required strength, courage and bravery in one’s heart if they worship her sincerely. This goddess gives stable mindset to the worshippers to overcome the life challenges and retain their firmness amongst their enemies. Buy adorable ashtalakshmi Tanjore paintings online in Chennai that gives you enough courage and helps to achieve success by taking smart and bold moves.

7. Vidya Lakshmi

The word “Vidya” refers to “education or knowledge”, this goddess is responsible for providing the required intellectuality to a concerned person to attain the best education and knowledge that could make them a much prosperous person. Apart from academic education and attaining its relevant wellness, this goddess also takes care of providing the right intellectual skill that a person needs in their life to lead a respectful life.

8. Vijaya Lakshmi

“Vijaya” means “victory” where worshipping this god brings initial level of victory to an indivivdual and also guides them in the right path to continuously acheive the same. Despite bringing victory just in battlefield this goddess also helps us to face any critical situation easily. Buy the affordable ashtalakshmi tanjore paintings online in Chennai to attain victory in your personal and professional life.


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