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Buy Shri Ragavendhra Custom Made Tanjore Paintings Online

Buy Shri Ragavendhra Custom Made Tanjore Paintings Online

Guru Shri Ragavendhra is a well established and prominent saint in Madhvism and found to be one of the sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu. His philosophies and sayings are still followed by a large group of people not just in Madhvism but also who are determined to attain prosperity in their life through spiritual inclination.

Ethnic Tanjore Arts uplifts the life of its buyers by creating splendid Tanjore based painting and artistic works that not just brings in spiritual drive but also creates a speculative environment that helps in moving your life in a clarified way. Buy the best custom made tanjore painting of shri ragavendhra swamy that certainly inspires you in many ways.

About Shri Ragavendhra Swamy

Guru Shri Ragavendhra is considered to be more of a saint and the one close to god then and now, his period travels back to late 16th and 17th century and the well known pligrimage tourist spot of Brindhavan temple in Mantralaya, today’s Andhra Pradhesh was founded by him.

Shri Ragavendhra swamy was born in 1595 at Bhuvana giri a small town near present-day Chidambram to the couples Shri. Thimanna Bhatta and Smt. Gopikamba as Shri. Venkata Natha/Venkata Ramana on Thursday. Shri Ragavendhra belongs to the musical family as he was the great grandson of Shri. Krishna Bhatta, who was a veena musician in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. The name Shri Venkata Natha depicts that the child was born as a blessings of Lord Venkatachalapathy in Tirupathi.

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Early Life of Shri Ragavendhra

Venkata natha was found to be a well disciplined and brilliant child from his early days of schooling and he learnt to play veena like an expert at a very young age and resembled the exact proficiency of his great grand father. Post the demise of his father, venkata natha was brought up by his elder brother Shri Gururaja Bhatta initially an then he completed his primary level of education under the guidance of his brother-in-law Shri Lakshminarasinhacharya in Madurai. Get the custom-made tanjore painting of Shri Ragavendhra swamy online in Chennai from us which will be a suitable worshipping tool for your spiritual drive.

Marriage Life

After completing his education in Madurai, Venkatanantha returned to his native in 1614 and he got married to smt. Saraswathi Bhai same were the got gifted with boy named Lakshminarayanacharya. The very next year Venkatanantha moved on to Kumbakonam with his family to study Dwaita vedanta (the literature and grammar works) under the renowned guru Shri Sudeendra Theertha.

Ethnic Tanjore Arts

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