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Amongst several gods and goddesses in Hindu religion Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva considered as the key divine powers and found to be the supreme spiritual form for all other gods. In this lord, Vishnu is worshipped as the saviour god who protects this entire world with his mercy and power. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the fascinating facts about Lord Vishnu that might even surprise you.

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Interesting Facts About Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu found to have four arms in all the depicting pictures and art forms, the hidden logic behind these four arms is that the two arms in the up-front resemble his physical existence and the four arms behind him represents his spiritual or divine existence. Buy the best Lord Vishnu Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us that involves expert artisans work in every inch.

Similar to Lord Shiva, who gives his equal parts of the body to his wife Mother Parvathi, Lord Vishnu also does the same differently. The “Shrivatsa” mark in his chest resembles Goddesses Lakshmi and the garland “Vanamala”, as well as the “Kaustubha” jewel around his neck, also relates Goddesses Lakshmi resides in his heart. Get high-quality Lord Vishnu Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that is embedded with gold foil work in it.

We can find a crown worn by god Vishnu over his head, and it denotes the supreme authority that he possesses over the universe. Sometimes we can also find a peacock feather in the crown of Lord Vishnu’s pictorial depiction that reminds us about his Krishna avatar.

Lord Vishnu found to rest in Anantha, the immortal snake in his residence and he is found to wear two different earnings that symbolically represent two different stages of like like happiness-sad, knowledge- ignorance, and pleasure-pain. We provide Lord Vishnu Thanjavur Painting Online in Chennai that prevails in premium standard exhibiting the art our of our culture.

The conch shell held by the Lord Vishnu in his left hand symbolises various meaning, it shows his complete control over the universe in maintaining it, it also represents the “Panchabootha“- Land, Air, Water, Fire and Space, hence the conch-shell got its name as “Panchajanya“. The conch shell further depicts that the Lord Vishnu is the supreme god who creates the divine sound of universe creation and its maintenance and it also represents the OM mantra.

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Similar to the conch shell, Lord Vishnu holds a spinning wheel in his upper right hand called “Sudharshan” chakra, most of us look at it as a deadly weapon that could destroy the entire universe (yes it is) but it depicts us some other in-depth and beautiful meaning. Sudharshan is a combination of two words where “SU” means pure and divine and “Darshan” means vision, hence this chakra will destroy all our inner ego and creates a better vision.

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