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Buy Lord Shiva Tanjore Paintings Online

Buy Lord Shiva Tanjore Paintings Online


Talking about Lord Shiva would certainly bring goosebumps into us and this particular god is someone who is unpredictable and cannot be bounded within any rules and regulations or any power. Begin the supremacy of all the divine power exists out there, Lord Shiva is found to be funny and utmost ferocious at different instants. All his stories revolves around a stereotypical form depicting that he is the sole reason behind creating demons and evil-minded peoples’ and destroying the same with his power (avatar) to convey the message of “truth lives, and evil or bad people would get destroyed at the end of the day”.

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Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva

Hanuman- Lord Shiva’s Avatar

We all know about the tales of Lord Hanuman and the fruitful contribution provided by him that helped Lord Rama to find Mother Sita and defeat the demon King Ravana. But it was actually Lord Shiva who took his 8th avatar during Ramayana and promised Lord Vishnu that he will be a helping hand for him during the Ram avatar. Get the best Lord Shiva Thanjavur Painting Online in Chennai created with innovative thoughts and eternal dedication that helps you to attain spiritual upliftment in your life.

Ravana True Devotee of Lord Shiva

Ravana being the unstoppable and highly talented and powerful demonic King, once tried to uproot the entire Kailasha mountain, but Lord Shiva trapped him and arrested him under the mountain. So, Ravana started to please him by playing the favourable songs and after years of effort he melt him down and got released. This showed the power, talent, devotion of Ravana to Lord Shiva and also depicts how tough it is to please the god?

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Symbolization of Snake and Thrishul

The snake around Lord Shiva’s neck and the Thrishul in his hand has an in-depth depiction, where the stillness of snake resembles that Lord Shiva is calm and peaceful by nature and the Thrishul in his hand symbolises the connectivity of three worlds with the human, the inner world, the immediate world that the human interact and the thrid one as the universe that surrounds him.

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Destruction of Kamadeva

It was during the time of war with Thrakasura where the devas desparately needed the help of Lord Shiva and they sent Kamadeva (the god of love) to distract the almighty and bring him to the battle field. Since, Lord Shiva was in deep-meditation that time the distraction made by Kamadeva stimulated intense anger within him which lead to burndown of Lord Shiva.

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