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Amongst all the avatars of Lord Vishnu, Rama and Krishna are the highly established ones due to the impact it created within the Hindu religion and also made people notify across religious borders. The happenings took place in the epic of Ramayana and Mahabharatha are mind-blowing, and these two scriptures are invaluable treasures to the human race that preaches us the way to lead a positive and successful life without harming our fellow living beings.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at some of the interesting facts about Lord Rama. We at Ethnic Tanjore Arts provide you with the best Lord Rama Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that comes out with various pictorial representation of the god derived from different scenarios of the epic story Ramayan.

Interesting Facts About Lord Rama

1. The Name

We all know the birth story of Lord Rama, but most of us don’t know the way lord Rama got his name. It was obvious that Rishi Vashista (the prime guru of Ragu kula) named the first child (Lord Rama) of King Dasharatha. The name Rama means the combination of two “Beeja Aksharas”, where one is Agni Beeja (Ra) that vitalizes Lord Rama’s soul and body, and the other one is Amrutha Beeja (Ma) which recover from any kind of fatigue. Get quality Lord Rama Thanjavur Paintings Online in Chennai from us that invvolves dedicated painting work and craftsmanship.

2. Birth Secret

A purna avatar is said to have 16 Kalas, and Lord Rama avatar had only 14 Kalas, the other two missing Kalas are Paripurana and Swarupawasthtitha and missing these two Kalas made Lord Rama behave like a normal human being by getting the help of monkeys to reach Lanka and crying when he got separated with Sita in the mid-forest.

It was an on-purpose act that helped Lord Rama to kill Ravana, who got the boon earlier that he won’t be killed by any super-powered almighty and it was only the humans who can able to destroy him so did it happened. Get a true-quality Lord Rama Painting Online in Chennai that mandatorily embeds gold foil in it.

3. Position and Revenge

Vishnu Sahasranama, an ancient scripture of several poems on Lord Vishnu depicting all his names in it holds Lord Rama’s name in the 394th position. The act of mantra in Ramayana is not the one that burst out of anger, but it is well-planned revenge. It was Rama who threw a toy and laughed at the disability of Mantra in his childhood and that act made her take revenge on him and it resulted in the forest exile of Lord Rama with Sita and Lakshmana for 14-long years.

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4. Breaking Lord Vishnu’s Bow

Thinking that Lord Rama was a human, Lord Parashuram (another incarnation of Lord Vishnu) challenged him to break the bow of Lord Vishnu and Rama did it effortlessly, this made Parashurama that Lord Rama is not just a human. Get the ondemanding Lord Rama Thanjavur Painting Online in Chennai, that highly drives your spiritual intention to a greater level.

5. Missing of Epic Scene

When we talk about Lord Rama, everyone gets remembered about the story of the lord breaking the mighty bow of Shiva and marrying mother Sita, but this famous incident just mentioned in Tulsidas Ramayan and not in Valmiki’s version. Get divinal Lord Rama Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai which is found to be a highly impressive art work that narrates the the scenario that you see in the artwork.

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