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Hindu mythology is a highly engaging and fascinating one with lots of gods and goddess specialized in different areas like knowledge, wealth, and courage who blesses the same for their sincere devotees.

Amongst several almighty Lord Muruga or Kartikeya is an unavoidable god, who have performed various deeds and killed several demons for the god of this universe, he is the eternal form of Lord Shiva who is known to be the lord of perfection and born to fight with evils.

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Interesting Facts About Lord Muruga

Lord Muruga is a wholesome package of fire and believed from Hindu Puranas that he came from the sparkles of Lord Shiva (being his form) to kill highly dangerous demons, by leading the army troops of devas and several other fighting gods and goddess.

Lord Muruga also named as Karthikeya, which means the god of war, and this name also means that to enlighten others life, so symbolically this name depicts that Lord Karthikeya was born to kill the demons and enlighten future life of innocents.

Lord Muruga is very much allied to the southern part of the Indian nation, and especially closely related to Tamil peoples and their tradition. Hence, this almighty got his name from the Tamil people as Muruga, which means beautiful or handsome. Lord Muruga also considered as a masculine and handsome god in the Bengal region and worshipped during Durga Pooja time.

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The origination of Lord Muruga also registered in epic Purana The Mahabharatha, where the lord portrayed as Skanda and said to be born to Svaha and Agni deva, post-Svaha mimicked as the wives of 6 out of 7 saptarishi’s, and that’s the reason behind Lord Muruga having six heads.

While marching towards the empire of the demon Tharakasura, Lord Muruga resided with his army troops in six camps and later it became famous worshipping pilgrimage of Tamilnadu as: Pazhani, Pazhamudhirchoolai, Thiruchendur, Swamimalai, Thiruparangundram, and Thiruthani.

Lord Muruga married with two wives Valli and Deyvayanai, with a deep-rooted reason, where Valli is a tribal girl who represents Kriya-Sakthi (which means the power of action) and Deyvayani represents Ichcha Sakthi (which means the power of will), and they both united together provides Kundalini-Sakthi.

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According to Hindu Puranas, Sundaravalli and Amirthavalli two daughters of Lord Vishnu are the sincere followers of Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga used to have an exclusive Iconography, where his weapons are spear and vel, and that’s how he earned the name “Velayudhan”, which means ” the one who owns the weapon”.

The vehicle of Lord Muruga is Peacock which holds a serpent in its feet, and it symbolically represents the destruction of bad habits.

One of the important festivals celebrated in the name of Lord Muruga is Thaipoosam, where few people believe that it is the birth month of Lord Muruga, but most of them say that it is during Thaipoosam when Lord Muruga get his special weapon “The Vel” blessed by her mother Parvathi with special powers to kill the demon Tharakasura.

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Worshipping Lord Muruga would bring in dedication, sincerity, and perfection in one’s life, and moreover, he is the God who gives you eternal courage and a brave heart to face tough times in our life. We at Ethnic Tanjore delivers high-quality Lord Muruga Paintings Online in Chennai within the stipulated time with the help of our logistic partner.