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Hinduism is a religion full of gods and goddess, and everyone follows a separate one whom they admire. Lord Krishna always ranks top in that list due to his uniqueness and strong bonding made with people in his avatar, unlike other gods of Hinduism Lord Krishna stood amongst people and guided them to the right path.

Here in this blog corner, we will be depicting some of the fascinating facts about Lord Krishna. We at Ethnic Tanjore Arts create unique, attractive, and realistic Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings that involves great craftsmanship and portrays the god in different beautiful expressions.

Interesting and Unknown Facts About Lord Krishna

The name “Krishna” is an adjective term which means “black” or “dark”, and it also means “attraction”. Lord Krishna has 108 names in which Govind, Gopal, Devakinanda, Shyam, Ghanashyam, Mohan, Hari, and Giridhar are famous ones. Buy beautiful Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai to celebrate his divinity around you. In his initial days, Lord Krishna found to be a highly matured boy, and he used to give philosophical advice to people in his village similarly, he preached them to worship the Govartanagiri mountain that makes their agriculture wealthy and even told to stop worshipping Lord Indra which is a pointless and orthodox form of prayer, this made Indra angry and he blew heavy thunderstorm to destroy the entire village, but Lord Krishna with his divine power rescued the people by using the Govardhana hills as a mountain. Get the best Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that involves embedding of selective stones and attractive gold foil work. According to Hindu Puranas, Lord Krishna had eight wives, and they were collectively known as “Ashtabharya”. The name of the eight wives is Rukhmini, Sathyabhama, Jambhavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, and Lakshmana. Buy the highly affordable Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us to bring in a great level of auspiciousness in your devotional space. We could see Lord Krishna rarely loses his temper and even it happens at the right time in a meaningful way, so did it happened during the assassination of Shishubala. Shishubala highly humiliated Lord Krishna during the swearing ceremony of Yudhistra, and the Hindu mythology depicts that Lord Krishna took his universal form (vishwaroop) to kill Shishubala and even the blind King Dridurashtra gained eyesight to see the lord. Buy high-quality Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that got framed with complete dedication and deep commitment by experienced painters and artisans. Even Lord Krishna got cursed in his life, Yes after Duryodhana got killed, Lord Krishna went to Gandhari (Duryodhana’s mother) to get apologize, since she was innocent and has lost all her sons in the battle. But Gandhari very well knew that with his influence Lord Krishna can stop the war but he couldn’t, this made her angry and she went for a curse. Gandhari cursed that the entire clan of Yadhava’s will get destroyed within 36 years and even Lord Krishna soulfully accepted it, as he believed that his race is committing a lot of sinful activities and they deserve a decimation. Get your customized form of Lord Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that depicts several expressions and always narrates a story backdrop revolves around it. There is a mentioning about Lord Krishna in the Buddhist Jataka tales, according to one of the Buddhist jataka (Vaibhav Jataka) Lord Krishna described as a prince and an established person of India who fought with his evil uncle Kamsa and others to establish dharma permanently in the land of Jambudvipa i.e. India according to Buddhism.

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