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Lord Ganesha is one amongst the few Hindu gods who have uncertain looks but given top priority in the prolonged list of gods and goddess of Hindu religion due to his unique power and deeds he accomplished according to Puranas.

Lord Ganesha was the first son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi having a curved trunk-like nose, big ears and bellied stomach of human.

He is considered to be the lord of success, wealth, wisdom and knowledge. Lord Ganesha found to remove the obstacles and negativity in his devotees’ life and bring eternal peace.

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Friend’s Suggestion

Creation of Lord Ganesha gets originated with an interesting story backdrop from Shiva Purana, where the friends of goddesses Parvathi (Jaya and Vijaya) who were the core reason insisted Parvathi that all male followers of Kailasha are only obeying the word of Lord Shiva and hence they need some boy exclusively to obey Paravathi’s order, and hence it sows the seed of Lord Ganesha’s creation.

Mother’s boy

Lord Ganesha was certainly a mother’s boy in not just obeying goddesses Parvathi’s words but the way he got originated even depicts the same. According to Shiva Purana, Lord Ganesha got originated from the body dirt of mother Parvathi.

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Lord Ganesha- Colour of Attraction

The skin tone of Lord Ganesha is highly admirable, and it resembles a green and red colour.

Born story

After getting insisted by her friends, Goddesses Parvathi did Punyak fasting praying for a baby boy and as a result lord Krishna himself born as her son as per the saying of Brahmavavart Purana.

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Head Loss

We all have heard that it was due to the anger of Lord Shiva which caused the head separation of Ganesha, but Brahmavavart Purana comes out with a different story where Lord Shani was the main reason behind the loss of Ganesha’s head initially.

After Lord Ganesha was born, every gods and goddess blessed him except Shani and when mother Parvathi asked the reason Lord Shani told that Ganesha would lose his head if Shani sees him directly, but it was due to mother Parvathi’s compulsion lord Shanni faced Ganesha, and it resulted in the baby’s loss of head.

Baby Elephant- the rescuer

Now the head of the newborn baby boy got lost, and everyone was in deep sorrow, at that time Lord Vishnu suggested the remedy of placing the head of the newborn baby elephant’s head instead to bring the boy alive, and Lord Vishnu himself flew to the north direction to get the head of the baby elephant.

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Story of Curse

The scenario of Lord Ganesha losing his head and getting replaced with an animals one has a sound backdrop, and it justifies the logical depth of Brahmavavart Purana and religious stories.

Once Lord Shiva cut the head of Surya deva due to anger and as a repel effect Surya deva’s father Lord Brahma cursed Shiva that he will face the same situation where his son will lose his head one day, and it did so happened.

Lord Ganesha- not a bachelor

The story of Lord Ganesha got married will be an interesting one driven from Shiva Maha Purana, where once he was meditating at the banks of river Ganges and that he Tulsi saw him and got impressed. She went for a marriage proposal and got rejected by Ganesha, due to the intolerable annoying of rejection Tulsi cursed Ganesha that he will get married soon and in response Lord Ganesha cursed Tulsi to become a plant in the earth.

Due to the curse of Tulsi, Lord Ganesha got married to Siddhi, and Riddhiand and also has two sons Shetra and Laabh.

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Lord Ganesha- the eternal god

Shiva Maha Purana comes out with the best scenario depicting why Lord Ganesha considered as the primary god of all when lord shiva was going to kill Tripura with high anger he heard a saying that he needs to worship Lord Ganesha to destroy Tripura and in response, Lord SHiva with BadhraKhali did Gajanan Puja and successfully won the battle.

Ekdanth Story

Ekadanth is a well-established name for Lord Ganesha, and it has its core reason behind its origination. When saint Parashurama visited Kailasha to see Lord Shiva, he was denied by Lord Ganesha in his entry since Lord Shiva was in meditation.

The act of lord Ganesha made the sage angry, and he attacked Lord Ganesha with his weapon. Lord Ganesha would have easily defended it but he doesn’t want to create a disgraceful situation for his father Lord Shiva as the weapon sage Parasurama had was gifted by lord shiva, this is the reason behind the attack, and during the attack lord Ganesha lost one of his teeth and became Ekdanth.

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