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Being the eternal saviour god “Lord Vishnu” is found to be resided in the “Parkadal” a deep blue ocean present in the heaven where the supreme power is found to be in a sleeping position under a seven headed serpent named “Adhi seshan” and the position where the god gets resided is “anantha sayanam” which means the god is sleeping at a happy state. Getting their almighty drawn on a well crafted painting makes the true devotees every happy and we at Ethnic Tanjore arts strive everyday to bring that happiness to our customers. Buy the best Lord Padmanabha swamy Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us that uplifts your spiritual drive and keeps you stay connected with the almighty.

Interesting Facts About Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple

About the God

Everyone of us knows that Lord Brahma was the creator of this universe, but where does he comes from? Lord Brahma arises from the navel (nabham) of Lord Vishnu where he resides in lotus flower (padmam), so being the eternal cause for the creation of this universe Lord Vishnu attained this name.

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Presence of 12,000 shells

Being a god’s own nation, Kerala is flooded with temples and the anantha padmanabha swamy temple of Trivandrum is a notable one for its wealth and other historic marks. The incarnation of the main god anantha padmanabha swamy gives you goosebumps for sure as it lengths 18 feet long and it embeds totally 12,000 plus river shells obtained from River Gandaki originates in Nepal. Get a look alike Padmanabhaswamy Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that describes his greatness via artwork.

Laksha Deep Festival

By lightening one lakh lamps around the temple the temple aministration and other workers celebrate this festival every six year exactly during the time of Maharasankranthi. Buy the every fabulous Padmanabhaswamy Tanjore Painting Online in Chennai created with great craftsmenship.

Early mentioning in Scriptures

The temple has got a way old mentioning in some of the renowned scriptures and historic books of Hindu religion like Mahabharatha, Brahma Purana, Skandha Purana and Varaha Purana, the name of these scriptures says the ancientness of the temple and there is no necessity to popularize this worshipping center as it holds its own credits. Avail high quality Padmanabhaswamy Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us which got created with sincere artistic work.

Precious God

There are totally six chambers present in the temple which is guarded with tight security and one amongst them is considered to hold a 30kg of pure gold idol of Lord Vishnu which also has several precious stones and gems added over it. Moreover all these chambers ranging from A to E is gaurded with tight security for the entire year.

About Ethnic Tanjore Arts

Ethnic Tanjore Arts has a century long experience in serving the greatest tradition of the world with pure heart and rich talent in aritsitic work, we are a highly dedicated team of painters and craftsmen who create several Tanjore Paintings that depicts the spiritual indepthness of our culture. Apart from spiritual paintings we also create custom-made ones according to our customers’ demand.

We are dedicated with painting and other craftsmen work that inclinate the traditional value of Tanjore artwork on the whole, our successful evolution resides in the way we adopt to various business tactics followed over the time since our inception, and now we have taken the tool of ecommerce in our hands to reach out customers easily and provide them a precised service.