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Buy Custom Made Radha Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online

Buy Custom Made Radha Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online

We all have heard the stories of Radha Krishna in our childhood days and we know them as a pair instead of two separate characters. Being the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna was always found together with Radha as they were considered to be inseparable,

the affection between these two is so divine and pure and they were also considered to be the best example for couples whos showed how to treat and take care of your pair.

Ethnic Tanjore Arts creates splendid Radha Krishna Tanjore Paintings and distributes to our renowned customers in online, we are involved in the quite spiritually dedicated process in crafting out the best painting piece of Radha Krishna that resembles their life and highly impresses our buyers. This write up will be addressing stories of Radha Krishna.

The First Meet

The first meet happened between Radha and Krishna is something quite amazing, it was exactly when Lord Krishna was just five years old, and one day he went to the field with his father. His father was managing both the cattle and taking care of his son, and that time Lord Krishna himself created a big thunderstorm and started pretending to cry as he got feared of it.

The cattle, on the other hand, started frightening too, Nanda (father of Krishna) became scopeless on what to do next, so to manage the cattle he gave his son to a young girl at that time were assured to take care of little Krishna. Once Nanda left the place, Lord Krishna took the form of youth and asked the young girl whether she remembers his face or has seen him somewhere before.

And to that, the girl replied that she remembers living together with this face for ages in Shri Vaikunta and that girl is Radha. Get the most adorable Radha Krishna Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai from us that is created with high artistic value and sincere devotion to the almighty.

Place of Meet

Since there are several stories portrayed around Radha Krishna, few ones depict that they where neighbours/family friends so it is obvious that Radha Krishna falls in love with each other. Brindavan used to be their favourite spot and first preference of meeting and usually, Lord Krishna used to reach there before and send the signal to Radha by playing his flute melodiously. Then Radha used to arrive at Brindhavan and they will chat for hours, Krishna will also play the flute with mesmerizing tones due to the request of Radha for hours.

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No Separation

Even though Radha and Krishna were separated based on their residence after reaching their adulthood, still their bond and love co-existed in the same way since their affection and love is purely spiritual. Get high-quality Radha Krishna Tanjore Painting Online in Chennai that exhibits divine love.

Ethnic Tanjore Arts

The contribution of Ethnic Tanjore Arts in enriching traditional artistic forms and sculpture is immense and inseparable similar to that of the bonding between Radha and Krishna. We know the value of our artistic work and the impact it creates on our rich cultural heritage and also in the minds of people, and hence deliver supreme quality paintings to our customers without any compromise. Our commitment to delivering the best Tanjore Paintings initiated in 1901, and we are carrying out our legacy now in our dedicated ecommerce platform.