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Buy Custom Made Andal Tanjore Paintings Online

Buy Custom Made Andal Tanjore Paintings Online


Andal a well-known saint belongs to Madhava clane has acheived several peaks in her spiritual life being a single women Alvar amongst the 12. Her devotion and love towards Lord Vishnu is unimaginable and boundaryless and she is depicted as “Meera of South”. Her uncomparable devotion towards Lord Vishnu or Thirumal got exhibited in the form of poem and scriptures which are been still used as chanting slokas to worship Lord Vishnu. Avail the custom-made Andal Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, from Ethnic Tanjore Arts that will be the perfect portrayal of the saint and will be the best worshipping pictorial format for your puja space

Interesting Facts About Andal- The lone female Aazhvar

No one knows the exact biological parents of Andal and she was adopted as a toddler by Periyazhvar in his garden, where he named the baby girl as “Kodhai”. Kodhai means beautiful girl, where looking at the priceless smile of the baby girl “Periyazhvar” named her as Kodai. Both Andal and Periyazhvar (father and daughter) are a notable Vishnu devotees and also one of the aazhvars amongst the 12 according to Vishnupurana. Get the best custom-made Andal Tanjore Painting Online in Chennai at an affordable cost.

According to Vishnu Purana, it is believed that Periyazhvar is literally the avatar of Garuda (Lord Vishnu’s vehicle) and also known as “Periya thiruvadi”. On the other hand, Andal is believed to be the avatar or incarnation of Bhudevi (Lord Vishnu’s wife) and also the mother goddess of earth. Further the scriptures related to hindu mythology depicts that Periyazhvar and Andal lived during the period of 3500-3000 B.C. in the locality of Shrivilliputhur, current town in Tamilnadu.

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Andal was brought by hearing all the admirable stories of Lord Vishnu and Krishna told by Periyazhvar and hence it developed as a unconditional love over the god. At a certain stage, Andal started considering Lord Vishnu as her husband and started avoiding to lead a normal life like other humans. Even though some of her acts made Periyazhvar worried, later he started believing that Andal is none other than the incarnation of Bhudevi who was born to be brought by him. Get your custom-Andal Tanjore Painting created with supreme talent and highly experienced artistic professionals.

Thayar Andal is well known for her devotional scriptures which are world famous and they where used by devotees across the world when it comes to worshipping Lord Vishnu. Amongst her several contributions, “Thiruppavai” and “Nachchiyar Thirumozhi” were highly famous and it holds beautiful lines that connects both spirituality and human life philosophy as well. Even today “Thiruppavai” is chanted by the devotees of Lord Vishnu during the month of December as a ritual of “Margazhi Bajan”.

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