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In the previous blog, we went through the first three avatars of Lord Vishnu and here we will be looking at the next three avatars Narasimha, Vamana, and Parasurama of Lord Vishnu and their story depicted with high clarity and crisper way. Get the most adorable Dasavatharam Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that brings in you a splendid feel while placing the paintings in your place, and that’s the aura that we create with our miraculous artwork.

Interesting Dasavatharam Facts

Narasimha Avatar

Being the blood brother of Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu also performed several meditations to please the eternal god Brahma and attained a very similar boon to that of his brother from the lord. He can’t be destroyed by any human, divine, beast or demonic forces. Hence he took advantage of that boon and started to destroy people and torcher even the innocent saints around him. Being the contradictory, his son Pragaladh grew up as a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakashipu tried a lot to deviate his son’s mind from Lord Vishnu, but it ended up in vain. At a certain stage, Hiranyakashipu decided to kill his son to make sure that everyone must listen to his words else they get ended up in death. At the very moment when Hiranyakashipu was about to kill Pragaladh, Lord Vishnu burst out from a wall and tore Hiranyakashipu into pieces. Being a ferocious avatar of Lord Vishnu Narasimha also well-known to be the saviour of his true devotee safeguarding them anytime. Get the best Dasavatharam Thanjavur Paintings Online in Chennai, that is created with the embedment of gold foil.

Vamana Avatar

We all know the story of Mahabali, the demon king with a kind heart considered to be the best ruler who won the likes of his people. We also know the story of Vamana avatar, and how Lord Vishnu thought a lesson to Mahabali and gave back the throne of heaven to the demi-god Indra according to the prayers of his mother Aditi. But another interesting story reveals in the backdrop stating that why mahabali was punished despite being good to his people? The story originates from the time when Lord Vishnu punished the mother of Sukracharya (prime guru of Asura’s clan) since she gave shelter to few demons once. From then, Sukracharya turned against Lord Vishnu and preached all his students (including Mahabali) to eradicate out the devotion of Lord Vishnu in this planet. To stop the same and to keep the words given to Aditi, Lord Vishnu took the form of Vamana and sent Mahabali to the hell. But still, mahabali was given a boon that he can visit his people once and it is celebrated as Onam festival.

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Parashuram Avatar

Parashuram is the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, who was born to Renuka Devi and saint Jamadagni. Saint Jamadagni is one amongst the saptha rishis, and his son Parashuram is the only immortal of the seven in the Dasavathars. Lord Parashuram bought an axe as a blessed weapon from Lord Shiva as he performed the most complicated and deadly meditation to please the almighty. After getting pleased with the devotion of Parashurama, Lord Shiva offered him the axe and also thought him all the martial arts. Lord Parashurama is the only avatar of deity Maha Vishnu who saw and conversed with the other two Vishnu avatars, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Lord Parashurama played a key role in both Ramayana and Mahabharata, where he provided the bow of Shiva to King Janaka and told that the one who can able to destroy the same only must marry Janaka’s daughter Sita (knowing that Lord Rama is the only capable) person, and he has also been the mentor for Bhishma and Karna in the Mahabharatha times.

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