Tanjore Paintings

Briefing About Glass Painting and Types of Tanjore Paintings


India is a land of diversified culture and tradition that makes it unique amongst its counterpart neighbours, this land especially has a sound and in-depth history of several cultural evolutions within it that makes itself as the centre of gravity to pull several culture enthusiast across the globe. There are hundreds of craftsmanship has evolved in various parts of this nation, but, only a few of them have stood firm with the test of time and Tanjore Painting is one among them. We sell the best Tanjore Painting Online in Chennai, that exhibit premium level of craftsmanship and several other supporting works like embedding of gold foil and gemstone that makes the buyer feel worth it to pay. Tanjore Paintings are found to have 17 century of origination and it has registered most of its evolutionary changes under different rulers in the land of Thanjavur. Thanjavur has brought up this fine art and provided us with the most valuable cultural treasure to this nation. Since its origination days, Tanjore Paintings used precious ornaments and jewels to make it as the most valuable one and to ensure its eternal longevity craftsman used oil paints.

Types of Tanjore Paintings

Chettinad Tanjore paintings and Mysore Tanjore Paintings are the two primary form of paintings that belongs to Tanjore base. Let us take a look at these two varieties of paintings which depict its characteristics and origination.

Chettinad Tanjore Paintings

Chettinad Tanjore painting is a highly structured format of Tanjore Painting which got originated in 1600 A.D. The craftsman or painter used to make a well-structured plan in the frame this art and ensures that thick lines, strong hues, and fitting outline shapes were implemented in its respective areas to bring out the desired artwork with uttermost perfection. We deliver high-qualityTanjore Paintings Online in Chennai that comes out with an interesting theme and artwork.

Mysore Tanjore Paintings

Earlier in one of the blog post, we have discussed regarding the difference between Tanjore and Mysore Paintings and here the history reveals some interesting facts that Mysore painting has its base from Tanjore artwork itself. Similar to Chettinad Tanjore Painting, Mysore Tanjore Painting also has its own story of origination where it is found to got originated in 2nd Century B.C. and registered most of its evolution within 7th Century A.D. Most of the paintings portray divine beings and god, goddesses and it is framed with its exclusive characteristic of thick lines, strong hues, fitting shapes outlined. The craftsman completely avoids rusty work and they make it to the point that the shading colour choice is well structured. Zero- a compromise was maintained in creating the Tanjore Painting irrespective of its formats and plans, where the craftsmen used to impend pure quality or sem-pure quality of gemstones and thwart that add high-value to these paintings. We deliver adorable Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennaii that reflects dedicated craftmanship of dwellers and painters.


The core survival theory behind Tanjore Paintings is its adaptability towards the change in its format, the recent evolution witnessed in Tanjore Painting is its glass painting format which has been the centre of attraction amongst various followers of this typical painting work. We provide splendid Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, that completely satisfies our customer’s expectation.