Tanjore Paintings

Best Pooja Room Tanjore Painting Online

Best Pooja Room Tanjore Painting Online

The Past of Tanjore Paintings to Maratha Empire invasion of south India during the 16th decades. Tanjore paintings are well-known for their rich color, material value and solid work of art . And high durable shiny can come by in these paintings.

Tanjore Paintings are trusted to bring auspiciousness to home and are preserved as treasure.  for embellishing Pooja rooms in Home, Office and . Often treated as Remarkable Gifts, Surprise your Loved ones with this Auspicious Tanjore Painting.

When an entire room has been committed to be a pooja room, the walls may end up being so boring without any paintings on it. This plan is a set of religious inspired ethnic tanjore paintings and wall art suitable for a pooja room.

Best Pooja Room Tanjore Painting

Let’s view these tanjore paintings for the pooja room and see if you can get some innovative ideas to bring life to the walls of our pooja room.

Lord Krishna Tanjore paintings

Lord Krishna is known for playing a very significant role in the Mahabharatha and also worshipped all over the nation. It is believed that Shri Krishna is a representation of love and divine bliss that takes away all pain and offense.

Every individual Krishna Tanjore Painting presents a unique touch. The skill-full members of the ethnic tanjore arts artisans get into the painting thus creating some of the most delightful pieces of Krishna Tanjore Paintings. These Tanjore Paintings of Krishna are furnished with semi-precious jewels and 22 carat gold foils to make an amazing first impression.

Lord Balaji Tanjore Painting

Tanjore painting of Balaji is decorative with semi precious, organic colours and 22 carat gold leaves . His vision itself prospects for happiness and happiness. 

This classic balaji tanjore painting is exalted and displays the perfect workmanship. The entire art work has been done with intricacy and artistically with proper importance on the details. Beautify your pooja rooms with this tanjore painting of lord balaji. Buy online from Ethnic Tanjore Arts.

Lord Shiva Tanjore Paintings

Shiva is the Superior god who creates, protects and transforms the world. Lord Shiva is also named as “The Destroyer ”.  The Shiva Tanjore Painting by us is popular in the market for their attractive designs and top-notch finish. This Tanjore Painting is 100% hand crafted with original 22 carat gold plates and classic Jaipur gems by professionals in Thanjavur. Its Beautiful gift for any auspicious occasion.

Goddess Lakshmi Tanjore painting

Goddess Lakshmi is the soul of wealth, fertility, power, luxury, and auspiciousness. She secures the promise of material fulfilment and bliss. Ethnic Tanjore Arts offers a unique collection of Lakshmi Tanjore Paintings which are an ideal combination of classic and present day needs of nation.

Lord Ganesha Tanjore paintings

Lord Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati and he is the brother of Tamil Kadavul Murgan, the lord of war. He was created by his mother Parvati. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before initiating anything new.

Lord Ganesha Tanjore paintings are made by artisans who perform Pooja for the wood, which gives  you positivity, and brings good wealth and bliss to your home.

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We all know that discovering tanjore paintings and especially such beautiful art work like the Tanjore. Ethnic Tanjore Arts  can help you get the best tanjore painting quality and the prices.