Tanjore Paintings

Analyzing Mural And Miniature Paintings


Indian paintings can be widely classified into mural and miniature paintings, and mural kind of paintings are literally dominating the industry till date right from the ancient period.

Similar to Lascaux Grottoes of Southern France, Mural paintings are also highly established ones in the painting world and they are specialized in perfectly representing the individual sketch in painting form which is unconditionally impressive. The mural paintings are obtained based on early scratching, carving and etching on our precious monuments, culture and about ancestorial people who lived years back. The painting works made are extremely religious and it always represented the society to which the particular painting it depicted.

Apart from depicting individuals who are kings, scholars, gods and goddesses, the mural painting also got transformed itself according to the time and started depicting historical monuments palaces, temples, sancuries, tombs and other historical places. Tanjore mural paintings have gone a step further and depicted the real-life events like rich workmanship for benefactors, spreading onto the avenues and the engineering components used in the architectural work. Mural paintings have great historical backdrop and they are widely found in Ajanta caves and kailashnath sanctuary in Ellora. If you are searching for the best Mural Tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, then you have landed at the right place.

History of Mural Paintings

Mural paintings are found to got originated during the 2nd Century B.C. Various number of regular surrenders and shake cut chambers got exposed to create themes on jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism as well. Every Mural painting will have an in-built system called Fresco which got executed on laid lime plaster. Fresco on the other hand is created on a wet surface and that’s why it is found to be more tougher than Mural paintings, where Mural paintings are created on extremely dried surface. We deliver premium quality Tanjore Mural paintings Online in Chennai, that will be a feast to your artistic taste.

About Miniature Tanjore Paintings

As its name depicts, the miniature paintings are made simple and are crafted on the easily available particles like fabrics, paper, leaves etc. But further transformations in Miniature Paintings are witnessed during the mideveal period (11th century AD) by the Palas and it got floirished during the Mughal Period. We are the best sellers of miniature tanjore paintings online in chennai, the are found to be very much handy and detailed craftsmanship.

Properties of Mural and Miniature Paintings

  • These paintings acquire not more than 25 inch square metre
  • These paintings must be portrayed 1/6th of its original size

Hence both the miniature and mural paintings are found to be unique of their kind and they made sure with their survival based on their adoption towards transformation according to periodic changes.

We provide first class Tanjore Mural Paintings and Miniature tanjore Paintings Online in Chennai, which highly resembles the traditional value of our soil and deep-rootedly resonates the various transformation it has went through over the ages in a perfect way.