Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Details Guide on Making Canvas Tanjore Painting

    Unlike other painting works, Tanjore paintings are highly unique and traditional that demands dedicated craftsmanship to bring out the originality and demanded quality in the artwork. Creation of the best Tanjore Painting requires a step-by-step iterative process that demands greater dedication. In this blog, we will go through the creating process of Ethnic Tanjore Paintings.

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  2. How to make the perfect tanjore painting board


    Boards used to play a pivotal role in the making of historic Tanjore arts and paintings as they are the primary holder and the backbone of Tanjore paintings in projecting them in an elite way. We deliver top quality Tanjore paintings and Tanjore arts that resemble our rich cultural heritage.

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  3. Kundan Jewellery : Elegant Element used in Tanjore Paintings

    The Tanjore paintings and Tanjore artworks attained its elite status by not just exhibiting unique creation when crafted it also included certain traditional, and prestigious elements in its crown to attain its status and one such element is "Kundan".

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