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About Antique Tanjore Paintings

Ethnic Tanjore Arts painting gallery has an extraordinary collection of antique Tanjore painting that is most desirable for the society of visual art, cabinets, and interior design. Don’t miss out on our stunning ancient arts, a wide choice of classicist paintings, and modern art that arouses with exclusive offers. Regardless of the genre or expert, our artifacts strive for different customs, ages, and themes.

Antique Tanjore Paintings, a traditional South Indian art form, started during Maratha rulers around the 17th and 19th centuries. Our paintings feature vibrant and smooth colors, simplistic combinations, sparkling gold foil work, and the use of valuable gems and stones.

Ethnic Tanjore Arts serves as the best destination for the collection of elegant richness that incorporates some of the world’s exquisite pieces of traditional and authentic Tanjore painting pieces. Never miss anything from our gallery, look at our portrays of Lord Lakshmi Tanjore Painting, Lord Balaji Tanjore Painting, Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting, Lord Ganesh Tanjore Painting, Lord Krishna Tanjore Painting, Lord Vishnu Tanjore Painting, Lord Shiva Tanjore Painting, and even more sketched with consistent attention. Mostly acting as a sacred idol, and the themes are Hindu gods, goddesses, and apotheosis. Besides, you can give our authentic antique paintings to your dear ones in customized sizes and frames.